We have three options (which you can set per masternode from your dashboard):

HODL (Default)

With the HODL settings your coins will be stored in Goldnode and no payouts will be made. This is the default setting after a masternode is started. Every week your "Total [Coin] balance" will be transfered to "Total Native in HODL" in your Dashboard.

Native (Recommended)

Payout: Weekly

Get your payout directly in the “native” coin, network fees apply. You can add a exchange deposit wallet to get the coins directly to an exchange of your choice. However the most secure way to store your coins is always a native wallet.

native payout explained


Payout: Monthly

We convert the “native” coin to ETH and send it to your ETH address used during your payment. Multiple exchange and network fees apply.

Every week the "Total [Coin] balance" will be transfered to your "Total [Coin] in ETH preparation" in your Dashboard as our platform scripts runs each week.


payout masternode options

You can select Payout setting per masternode in your Dashboard.

ETH payout explained:

eth payout explained

All the steps to get ETH payout. Each and every step might have a small fee.

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