masternode bitfrost
CPU 1 core
Memory 1GB
Harddrive 100GB SSD

Masternode Bifrost (FROST) - Maxus


Bifrost Coin which is our next “Joker” IMO which have a pretty low entry level because of its new age (started in April 2018). The coin it self features the common goals of a anonymous currency with fast transaction. Bifrost claims to solve the 1th generation problems with cryptos that Bitcoin and Ethereum have. The strong focus on masternodes is something we at Goldnode really like and also that its 100% community driven with a transparent and active Github repository.

Currently there are wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux but in the roadmap we see both Android and Raspberry Pi support. The latter is something we also value in the Goldnode team because of Raspberry Pis are very accessible all around the world.

The name Bifrost is from the old Nordic Viking mythology and is the name of the bridge to heaven and earth.

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