masternode DEV deviant
CPU 1 core
Memory 1GB
Harddrive 100GB SSD

Masternode Deviant (DEV) - Stinger


DeviantCoin have been busy since the start of 2018 and are showing good progress in their roadmap. They have been added to Coinmarketcap and Cryptopia and show a good volume.

Additionally the masternode phase for DeviantCoin is just starting which means we could hop onto this train early to gain nice rewards.

DeviantCoin is a privacy coin among many, the main difference is that this privacy coin has gained a lot of value. Probably because of its generous masternode rewards and also because of its nice graphics and marketing team. Beautiful communication all over and interesting side projects like a hardware wallet.
Its clear block rewards structure and plan makes this a very strong masternode investment.

Because DeviantCoin is just starting, the rewards are currently very high, we must add that these rewards might drop fast as more masternodes join the blockchain. This should also be considered regarding the price of the coin at this point in time.



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