masternode LOKI
CPU 1 core
Memory 1GB
Harddrive 100GB SSD

Masternode Loki - Viking


Loki is a new Privacy Project that have roots in the Monero project. Monero is arguably the most successful privacy coin out there and have a huge community. The keywords for the Loki project is; Freedom, Decentralised, Private, Untraceable and Open-Source which does not sound very different from the rest. But Lokis IS different…

Loki picks up where they think Monero might fail. By introducing Service Nodes (Lokis name for Masternodes) that will take care of huge amounts of transactions, traffic and messages on the so called Lokinet. The approach is not 100% masternode (PoS) but a hybrid PoW and PoS system which picks the best parts of two worlds.

Lokinet will by default use an onion routing (Like Tor Browser) that will hide all transfers and communications even if you access your wallets via websites or apps. This makes the blockchain private by default.

Part of the Lokinet blockchain is also a Loki Messenger that empowers the Loki users with a messaging service that is very secure and privatized. This is also part of what the Service Nodes provide as extra service to the currency/blockchain.

Our review of the project is very positive. One of the better whitepapers we have seen + a great team with transparency and known talents. Progress seems to be on time and we do think that this coin has potential above most other privacy coins out there.

Please note that Lokinet and service nodes will be available first sometime in November 2018. We will collect the stake and wait for the Service Node release.


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