imo oyster
CPU 1 core
Memory 1GB
Harddrive 100GB SSD

Masternode OysterP (OYS) - Aster


The Oyster Platform mission is to make ICO pool funding easy with a turnkey solution. Keep track of hot ICO and get automated Token distribution function. The platform will also function as a community where users are able to discuss which ICO’s they want to invest. This will be done with chat tools inside the app and website.

It’s a original and ambitious project with a clear and straight forward roadmap and white paper.

For the more tech savvy person we can say it’s a X11 based coin with a small 5% premine. The total supply is only 25 million coins and the collateral for a masternode is 5000 coins.

The price is fixed at 0.4 BTC (you pay us in ETH).

It’s an interesting project to take part in – and doing so in this very early time in the project can be very beneficial.



Shared Masternodes by Goldnode

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