masternode Rhenium
CPU 1 core
Memory 1GB
Harddrive 100GB SSD

Masternode Rhenium (XRH) - Thor


Rhenium is a, among others, privacy coin that uses masternodes to be able to sustain speed, other than that they have strong focus on community and integrate voting into their project as a main way to get things done.

The focus or vision of Rhenium is to be one of the top-tier cryptocurrencies out there.

The developers of Rhenium choose to stay anonymous and let the project speak for itself, it's based on a group of enthusiasts  that have years of experience.

At the moment of writing this text we're at block height 35000 which means that for every reward we will get 150 XHR. When surpassing block 5000 this will go down to 100 XHR. More information about the block rewards can be found in the whitepaper of Rhenium and is something to keep an eye on.

Nonetheless Rhenium looks like a good pick and shows a good growth in terms of value.

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