imo rupaya
CPU 1 core
Memory 1GB
Harddrive 100GB SSD

Masternode Rupaya (RUPX) - Vostok


Rupaya, much like Sucre, is a coin specifically created for a region. As the name implies, which is closely similar to the rupee, it’s a coin for the (South) Asian market. Although a direct competitor “Rupee” also exists as a coin, Rupaya has masternodes and looks fairly stable.

At the moment of writing this text they are working on a new whitepaper but the old one contains enough information to know that their project wants to solve the availability of cryptocurrencies in South Asia.

With Rupaya the teams wants to be able to create the same kind of convenience of availability as in Europe and other western countries. The whitepaper currently doesn’t address new goals but their goals for 2017 were to get on an exchange, setup masternodes, setup a mobile wallet and to get merchants on board.

The Supply for Rupaya is set at 74.88 million (updated, was 8.4 million) coins which make it a coin with potential to grow in value when it gets traction in the market.

As for rewards, it’s currently (2018-04-21) set at 300-400% on

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