Lift off!

Lift off!

The new platform for Goldnode has been launched and we're very proud to share and unleash what we've been building over the last couple of months.

When we first started with Goldnode our main goal was and is to make it possible to enable a masternode at a lower entry price by removing the necessity of only being able to start a full node. For this we introduced IMO's (Initial Masternode Offerings) where you could pay with ETH coins and get a share in a node.

With the new platform we've kept this thought alive but have now automated this process by introducing a listing of masternodes where a shared or full masternode can always be setup without having us in between. The only difference being that you have to pay with the coin of the masternode that you would like to setup.

Setting up a full or shared masternode has become as easy as registering at Goldnode, going to the homepage and selecting a masternode you would like to start. When you've made your decision you can deposit your coins and that's it! When the masternode has been started it will be visible in your dashboard and you can start collecting rewards which are paid out daily.

We're kicking off our platform with Fantasy Gold Coin and are working to add more coins soon, if you have any suggestions of coins we would need to get in touch with, don't hesitate to get in touch.


With the Goldnode platform we want to emphasize simplicity, We want to enable the possibility to setup a masternode for less techy people by only requiring them to send the required coins to a deposit address at Goldnode which can come from their own wallet or directly from an exchange. Didn't send enough or made a mistake? No problem, your deposit will expire within 2 hours after which you can immediately withdraw those coins.

This emphasis on simplicty has been put into the platform within every aspect that is involved with masternodes. From setting up a masternode to dismantling a masternode, everything can happen at your disposal and are executed within minutes (except for setting up a masternode. Hey, we have to be honest, this takes some time).

In between setting up a masternode and dismantling it there are the pay outs and withdrawals. Payouts are done daily and you can withdraw these coins to an exchange or your own wallet immediately. This will enable you to move act on whatever is happening in the Cryptocurrency market.

Telegram & Discord

With the launch of the new platform we would also like to announce we're stepping away from Telegram and moving over to Discord as our main platform for communication. As already mentioned by Claes: Discord checks all of our boxes. Additionally we've re-introduced Marvin, our bot, on Discord as well. If you would like to see any kind of feature integrated in our bot, don't hesitate to share your idea's.

See you on Discord!

Merry X-Mass!

We would like to thank everybody for staying with us throughout the last couple of months and we would like to wish everybody a Merry X-Mass and let's move on to make the platform better and better!


Shared Masternodes by Goldnode

Goldnode offers services for splitting/sharing and managing Masternodes. Masternodes are servers that operate blockchain technology and gets rewards by doing so. Get your seat and join in on the rewards!

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