Stage 1 of the reboot: migration finished!

The migration of all masternodes have been finished! All masternodes that were currently running on Goldnode have been migrated to the new system.


What has been done?

Last week we've worked on migrating all the masternodes that were running to the new system, this means that the masternodes are now ready to adopt the new features we're bringing to Goldnode.

By migrating the masternodes we've moved the coins to a new wallet address and have created a user specific wallet where all your rewards will be stored once a payout occurs. You can withdraw these coins at any time. This also means that we've removed the possibility to set a different payout address or select ETH payouts.

In addition to the creation of user specific wallets, we've also moved the coins for users that did not set a wallet. These coins have been moved to their user wallet. When the new dashboard is available, a withdrawal can be requested to obtain these coins.

What's next?

Now that we've migrated all the nodes we will start the initial payout on the new system today. This means that the coins will be send to the user specific wallet but also means that you are not able to obtain the coins just yet because they're stored in your user specific wallet.

However, to temporarily solve this situation, we will send the coins to the users that have previously set a native address, this will be done automatically. Note: if you want to get your coins, please inform us by sending a native wallet address for the coin you would like to obtain the coins for.

Further more we will start finalizing the new dashboard among other features to get ready for the big switch and we will start testing more frequent payouts. We don't want to rush things so we will test this in the upcoming week.


The stage has been set and we're getting ready for the new route of Goldnode. Stay tuned for more news!

Shared Masternodes by Goldnode

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