Stage 2 of the reboot: New dashboard up!

Over the last couple of weeks we've been working hard to finalize the new dashboard for Goldnode which introduces new features to the Goldnode platform. We're excited to announce this work has been finished and the dashboard has been released yesterday!


You're in control

With the new dashboard released we're giving our clients a lot more control of their coins. You're able to get your rewards when you want them and are able to send them to any address you like rather than setting one address from the start. Additionally, we've introduced automatic dismantling for users that have more than 51 seats in a masternode. This will allow the possibility to stop masternodes that are no longer profitable or when a coin has failed.

With the transition to this new system we have made quite some changes to the internal architecture of Goldnode where we've introduced user-tied wallets per masternode. These user-tied wallets are used to initially send you coins to, much like an exchange. This means that you no longer have to specify a wallet address because your rewards will land in that user-tied wallet anyway. When you need your coins because of a sudden rise in the market, you can just get them using our withdrawal functionality. This will provide for a great amount of flexibility.

Together with the user-tied wallets we're introducing daily payouts. At this moment the payouts are done during the evening (European time). Daily payouts, however, are not sent directly to your exchange or personal wallet, they are sent to your user-tied wallet after which you can manually withdrawal your coins any time you want.

To shed a bit more light of what these new additions to the system mean, let's go for a walk and address each of them.

"Get your coins"

In the new dashboard there will be a new button called "get your coins", in conjunction with "withdrawal history" this is the place you go for to withdrawal you coins to an exchange or your own personal wallet. When clicking "get your coins" you will see a popup in which you will have to enter your wallet address for that specific coin. Once confirming your withdrawal, you will get notified with a message that your withdrawal will process shortly. This will happen within 5 minutes. You will also see a pending status update in your "withdrawal history". 

Once the system has picked up your request the message in the top will disappear as well as the pending status in your "withdrawal history". A few minutes (at most) later you will see an entry popup in your "withdrawal history" informing you about the withdrawal, the address it was sent to and the amount. In addition, it will update the confirmations as seen in the blockchain.


For users that have more than 51 seats we're introducing the possibility to dismantle a masternode. This process, although it has a great impact, is rather simple, you click the button "Dismantle" and confirm your request by clicking "yes". A few minutes later the request will be picked up and both your rewards and part of the stake are sent to your user-tied wallet. When your coins have more than 6 confirmations you will be able to withdrawal them and send them elsewhere.

At the moment of typing this blog post we're working on a last improvement regarding informing the other people in the masternode about the dismantle by e-mail.

The status of the masternode will be updated to "Dismantled".

Reward history & withdrawal history

The old dashboard didn't have a very clear distinction between incoming and outoing rewards. With the new dashboard we've split the reporting of incoming and outgoing rewards up. Incoming rewards are shown in the reward history and withdrawals are shown in the withdrawal history. 

What happened under the hood?

In the past stage we've migrated the current masternodes to the new system. This meant that we were making it possible to get everything ready for withdrawals and dismantling. What happened under the hood to achieve this?

One important aspect was the introduction of user-tied wallets. With these wallets we were able to send the rewards earned for a masternode to a specific user and rely on the blockchain to register the rewards per user. The Goldnode dashboard would only report on these values but not dictate how many rewards are sent to a user making it having less of an impact on your returns. 

Another introduction is the fully automated payouts & withdrawals. Where payouts divide the incoming rewards to the user-tied wallets, the withdrawals send the coins directly to your exchange or personal wallet address.

What happened to my coins that were never paid out?

Some of our users either did not set a payout wallet address or specified HODL in the old days.

These coins were kept inside the masternode wallet until a wallet set by the user or it was manually requested. With the new platform we've moved these coins to your user-tied wallet. Although these coins are not registered in the user interface, they are registered in the blockchain. If you would like to have reassurance, please drop an e-mail with our support e-mail with your masternode hash (you can find your masternode hash on the right-hand side when collapsing a masternode).

What's next?

With two of the major pillars done we've set the stage for the crown piece which will be the third stage of the reboot. More information on the third stage of the reboot will be disclosed in the next post. We will continue our efforts to get this final stage up & running soon. Additionally we would like to invite you to send us feedback on the new dashboard and report any issues through our support e-mail: . We will use the upcoming week to iron out initial issues if any may appear.

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