Masternode Blockchain Project Roadmap 2018/2019

Roadmap 2018 & 2019

The concept of is pretty straight forward but we are very ambitious. We are working very hard making sure the platform, marketing and the communication is continuously evolving. We add enhancements and fix bugs more or less everyday.

We have a lot of ideas for further developing our platform. To give you an insight on our development we have created the roadmap for 2018. The most sought after feature that we are developing is the Marketplace for you shares.


Completed Milestones:

Development Date
Intuitive Seats booking platform with GUI 2018-02-23
Personal Masternode Dashboard with statistics2018-03-26
User Account Referral URLs2018-04-20
Weekly Payouts (Native coin)2018-05-02
Virtual ETH (Referral rewards)2018-05-04


Roadmap 2018 / 2019

Q1 2018

Platform Development MVP Release

Development and release of the Goldnode web platform with an intuitive seat reservation system.

Release of Shared Masternode projects website
Q2 2018

Operational servers Masternodes

The first Initial Masternode Offerings have passed successfully and been installed, configured and are operational.

Launch of our first operational Masternodes
Q3 2018

SEAT market Marketplace

The first draft of the Masternode Marketplace will be ready.

Masternode shares marketplace
Q4 2018

SEATS Marketplace Launch

Launch of the Masternode Marketplace opening the possibility for users to buy and sell seats/shares from all former successful Masternodes.

Sell your share of a masternode in the Goldnode Marketplace

Expanding More Masternodes

Rapid expansion and launching net IMO's for 2019. Optimizing monitoring and setup infrastructure to manage hundreds of masternodes.

Rapid expansion of shared Masternodes business
Shared Masternodes by Goldnode

Goldnode offers services for splitting/sharing and managing Masternodes. Masternodes are servers that operate blockchain technology and gets rewards by doing so. Get your seat and join in on the rewards!

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