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The Goldnode team is a dedicated team with a broad range of knowledge. We always go for the next level and run with 100% dedication.

Masternode technology is so interesting and powerful its being abused for scams all over the crypto space. The technology will however win in the end and we are ready for it.
Claes Norin (Co-Founder)

Stefan Leever

Co-Founder, Dev-Ops, Data enthusiast

Stefan Leever - System Administrator and Blockchain developer

Heesch, Netherlands

As a Cryptocurrency enthusiast I have mostly been on the side of setting up miners and looking for other ways to generate coin. I believe/mining as we currently know it is coming to an end a few years from now and is currently (already) being replaced by masternodes from various coins. Masternodes require a specific threshold to set them up for every coin and that's where Goldnode comes in, enabling a lower level entry in joining a masternode we setup and maintain.

With my background in web development, data analytics and general servers maintenance I will be focussing on the masternodes themselve and the technical activities in the background. Next to those activities I will be active in the community to answer any questions you have.

Areas of Expertise

I'm an allround tech enthusiast mostly focussed around web appliances. I started with PHP back when I was 12 years old. Learned MySQL and further enriched that with knowledge on Linux, JavaScript & Node.js. I also know my bits and pieces regarding AngularJS and can work a bit with hardware.

Over the last couple of years I've been mainly involved with projects regarding data analytics and the implementation of data projects.

The last couple of months I've been involved in setting up a Electroneum mining pool which is still running today.

Blockchain Research and Development

Research & Development

Blockchain Data and Analytics

Data & Analytics

Maintaining and setting up Masternodes

Maintaining Masternodes

Blockchain Community Builder

Community building

Victor Martinucci

Research & Development, Security & Performance

Marcel Beerden - Strategy and Finance for Masternodes

Florianópolis, Brazil

As a passionate Linux enthusiast, I have studied and worked with servers for over 10 years. My current position is a System Engineer/DevOps with excellent coding and scripting skills, deep experience administrating Linux/Unix environments, and solid networking knowledge.

Passionate about stability, availability, security, automation and performance of enterprise systems and servers. I am sure this will come to perfect use on the Goldnode Platform.

Activities include (but are not limited to) installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, tuning, monitoring and root cause analysis.

Areas of Expertise

Research & Development, Maintaining Masternodes, Security & Performance.

Blockchain Leadership

System Engineer

Blockchain Strategy


Maintaining and setting up Masternodes


Blockchain Performance Tech


Claes Norin

Co-Founder, Marketing & Web Design

Claes Norin - Blockchain Marketing Specialist
Gothenburg, Sweden

Bought half a Bitcoin in 2014 out of interest. Which I suppose made me early among mainstream adopters but late among the early adopters. It took some time before the “crypto-virus” took a strong hold of me and I started to understand what it actually could mean. I strongly believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are here to stay and are changing the way we think of digital assets. Just like Napster (p2p) or Torrents introduced new technologies, blockchain has a similar faith and are here to stay. You cannot remove a profound technology when it already have been used and proven to work by a large number of users. The technologies will only change name, color and shape - this is what we are seeing in the crypto world in 2017 and 2018. Most projects are doomed to fail - while others will prevail. Quite exciting times ahead!

Masternodes are a very interesting alternative to mining for several reasons. Its a new energy effecient way to decentralize a blockchain project. It is also a powerful financial tool when initiated in the right phase of a blockchain project.

Before Goldnode project started I have worked in the open-source web development industry for 10 years. My focus is on the communication side of things and I love great layout and graphics.

Areas of Expertise

My area is with marketing and communication in any form, from more classical graphical design, video, print to web design/web development and GUI. Trying to give unified graphics and communication across all channels of 2018.

I have been a entrepreneur in IT / Web since high school and I will bring some of that knowledge to Goldnodes table. 

Blockchain Graphics and Layout

Graphics & Layout

Blockchain Marketing, video promotion and prints

Marketing, Print, Video Editing

Blockchain Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Web Design & GUI

Blockchain Community Builder

Business Strategy

Career in Blockchain/Masternode?

Goldnode Team

If you think you can add value to our team you are always free to contact us! Show us what you can do and convince us by contacting us at .

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Goldnode offers services for splitting/sharing and managing Masternodes. Masternodes are servers that operate blockchain technology and gets rewards by doing so. Get your seat and join in on the rewards!

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