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Shared Managed Masternode Seats

Shared Managed Masternodes

At Goldnode you can participate in an IMO (Initial Masternode Offering). Basically this is buying a share in a Masternode server. Goldnode will manage the setup and maintenance of the Masternode.

How does it work?

Here follows a 5 step explanation on how a IMO is initiated.

1. Selecting the coin

Goldnode does a quality check of the crypto/coin project. We are always looking for a long-term project that has a solid foundation regarding it’s proposition, roadmap, team and Masternode incentive.

When all of these things check out we will continue and setup the Initial Masternode Offering (IMO).

The coin selection process can be initiated by Goldnode or it can be based on community demand.

2. Launching the Initial Masternode Offering (IMO)

So now that we’ve got a coin selected we can move forward to setup an IMO. Setting up an IMO takes two things into consideration: the total funds required and the time limit in which the IMO should be completed.

Once everything is setup the IMO will be published on Goldnode.io.

3. Gathering the funds

Participants can now join in on the Masternodes by buying seats. One seat equals one percent in the Masternode (1% = 1 seat). When all the seats are taken the IMO is a success and the preparations of the Masternode begins.

Masternode Seats/Shares

What happens when we don’t gather the funds in time?

We either extend the time or dismantle the IMO. Dismantling means we pay every participant back their initial transfer of ETH (minus ETH network fee).

4. Launching the Masternode

All the funds have been collected and now we go ahead and launch the Masternode. We will gather the hardware or setup the VPS server. The server will be optimized to run the blockchain and get rewards.

5. Getting the first rewards.

Now that the masternode is running we start to get rewards.

The rewards will be paid out weekly (fridays) in the Native coin and and distributed each month in ETH (read more about payouts).

Many shares in one Masternode gets payout

Goldnode helps you with your Masternode setup, monitoring and support

We will take care of setup, maintenance and monitoring while we let you sit back and enjoy the rewards!

Five simple steps

How to get started with Masternodes Get your shared masternode The final step to get on with masternodes

Why Goldnode?

You buy 20% of a masternode you get 20% of the reward
If you invest 20 seats of a masternode you will get 20% monthly rewards. Its simple and transparent and we give you a monthly review and report with statistics.
We offer free hosting and support for your masternode

All our participants get fast and free support on our Discord and Telegram group. You can also e-mail us on  

We take full care and mange and monitor your masternode
We monitor and guarantee optimal server performance on every masternode. Our servers are located in high quality and secure European locations.
Masternodes for 1337/Premium demands
Goldnode offers the Managed Elite Masternode service for the Masters of crypto. This service is a dedicated masternode fully managed by Goldnode.io.
Shared Masternodes by Goldnode

Goldnode offers services for splitting/sharing and managing Masternodes. Masternodes are servers that operate blockchain technology and gets rewards by doing so. Get your seat and join in on the rewards!

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