Update #1: Team change & general update on Goldnode


We haven't informed you about the ongoings within Goldnode for quite some time and would like to use this moment to address a few points that we find important to share with the community. We are currently developing a lot of automation for the platform and preparing for a new reboot of the service where we will introduce some new interesting ideas.

We would like to inform the community that a team member has left Goldnode. We wish him best of luck in his future endeavours.

In a pursue to get new talents in to accommodate the new functions and automations we will let a new team member in called Victor.

Victor will join the Goldnode team as a sys-admin of many traits and will help us in further optimizing the Goldnode platform as a whole. He has long experience in Linux and servers and will be a perfect fit in our current team setup.


Specifics regarding where and what we're optimizing regarding the Goldnode platform will be disclosed in another post that will follow soon.




Shared Masternodes by Goldnode

Goldnode offers services for splitting/sharing and managing Masternodes. Masternodes are servers that operate blockchain technology and gets rewards by doing so. Get your seat and join in on the rewards!

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